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Where necessary, counsel should pursue such efforts by way of formal and casual discovery unless a sound tactical reason exists for not doing so. The legal representation plan ought to provide for a scientific and publicized methodology for distributing assignments in capital cases as widely as possible amongst certified members of the bar. As a former Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles DUI lawyer Neil Shouse worked closely with the CHP and police toxicologists, compiling evidence, and presenting instances in courtroom. Among the drunk driving cases we handle are 1st DUI in California,DUID,Vehicle Code 23152,underage DUI,DUI causing harm,hit and run,23103 VC reckless drivingandgross vehicular manslaughter.

  • I can’t communicate for others, but I became a private injury attorney as a outcome of I like serving to the little guy of their battle against Goliath corporations and insurance firms.
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