10 Homes That Combine Light Wood And White Perfectly

light wood decor

Light Wood Decor

Old World interiors stem from a variety of European places around the world, together with Spain, Italy and France. It’s what you think of when imagining the within of basic European manors or estates.

Limestone, tile and tumbled marble floors coated in richly woven rugs present extra textured accents to this style. Neoclassic houses evoke a timeless, elegant and historic aesthetic. This interior design motif shares certain characteristics to different home kinds including Greek and Roman.

  • Color schemes are often light and subdued, combining sky blues, delicate greys and dusty pinks.
  • Also present in the living room are grand chandeliers made of steel, wooden or glass.
  • Pendants manufactured from silver or brass line the walls to supply extra gentle.
  • This in style 1700s New England look later developed into the Federal and Adam types of the early nineteenth century.
  • Fireplaces are the point of interest of the