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Second, it also requires extra work by the installation company. For instance, roofs with a


Second, it also requires extra work by the installation company. For instance, roofs with a 7-1/2 pitch or higher require roof jacks.

From offering peace-of-thoughts to including value to your home, a metallic roofing system is a good choice. For homeowners who don’t like the look of standing seam metallic roofs but want the advantages of metal, there are metal or aluminum shingles or shakes now available.

They are an excellent selection the place appearance is a critical concern. Metal roofs are very long-lived and are totally recyclable after they finally do wear out. But set up requires particular abilities and not every roofing firm is prepared to put in a standing seam metallic roof.

A actually excessive pitch roof isn’t walkable and requires extra safety gear. The installers can’t stack the wanted materials close to them on the roof. These elements can drive the cost of roof substitute up.

Tuff Rib panels additionally present similar long run advantages that include much less weight on structure, improved fire resistance, numerous shade decisions and an environmentally friendly product. A Sound-Lok or Tuff Ribb roof, if properly put in, will provide many years of service with a minimal of care and upkeep. With so many choices available in relation to deciding what kind of roofing to make use of, compare the benefit of Sound-Lok metal roofing. Sound-Lok is a flexible choice with its magnificence, power, sturdiness, gentle weight, vitality effectivity, non combustibility and different ecological features.

  • It is a 5-part panel with a 9” publicity to-the-weather and is designed to install faster than another premium roofing product.
  • It has a rich textured surface and edge element that precisely duplicates the element of actual slate but with out the burden or expense related to actual slate.
  • It also features our new (patent pending) butt edge locking system found on the Beaumont Shake Panel Loc which gives it superior wind performance versus other roofing materials.
  • But no matter what roof type you’ve,steel roofscan be a gorgeous possibility because of their longevity, minimal maintenance, and power effectivity.

Unlike other cladding supplies, Stratco steel sheeting is mild and simple to put in, saving on constructing prices. When put in appropriately with suitable insulation, steel cladding is thermal efficient; cooling down rapidly in summer season and preserving warm in winter, therefore saving on energy costs. Well, now is a superb time as there are lots of advantages a metallic roofing system provides.


We manufacture a whole line of metallic roofing merchandise in a wide range of colors. Our experts can match the right product for your particular application, simply give us a call. The Tuff Rib uncovered panel system features 36” protection panel that’s suitable for either roofing or siding functions. Tuff Rib panels could be installed over purlins, over sheeting, or skip sheeting. For siding applications, a purlin spacing of not more than 36” is beneficial, and for roofing, a spacing of no more than 24” inches on heart.


The most common sort of metallic roof is the standing seam roof, so named as a result of the aluminum or metal roofing panels meet in raised seams that interlock to keep moisture out. Metal roofs of all types are more and more popular in areas with heavy snowfall or the place there is a notable hazard of untamed fires since this is a roofing materials that’s absolutely fireproof.