İlhan Koman’s words inspired us to embark on a journey into the unknown to explore creative possibilities. The Hulda project uses İlhan Koman’s historical schooner M/S Hulda as a platform that offers artists from diverse disciplines the opportunity to interact with their peers as well as the citizens in the targeted regions. No guidelines are set for the scheduled events-the keywords are interdisciplinary approach - interaction - creativity. Exploration and human interaction constitute the core of the Hulda’s mission: resident artists from different countries and/or cultures are implementing workshops in their creative domain and as inspired by Hulda’s journey, the region and their experience. The events are recorded and will be published together with the impressions of the artists as the concrete artwork of the project.

The Hulda project is the second of a series of events, which were inspired by İlhan Koman’s quest, and combine the artist’s passion for unrestricted thought, research and The Mediterranean. Koman’s historical vessel M/S Hulda which has been his home and workshop in the last two decades of his life has made this journey possible.